Stress-related disorder

The essential feature of an acute stress disorder is the development of characteristic symptoms lasting from 3 days to 1 month following exposure to a traumatic event or events. 

The clinical presentation of stress disorder may vary but typically it involves re-experiencing or reactivity to the trauma. People with stress disorder may become detached or dissociative, and display strong psychological reactivity in response to trauma reminders. 

Just like PTSD, acute stress disorder has similar symptoms. However, the symptoms occur between 3 days to one month after a traumatic event. These symptoms cause major distress in an individual’s life preventing them from carrying out daily functions. 

Treatment includes psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavior therapy, to prevent the development of PTSD. Medications are also therapeutic in reducing the severity of symptoms. 

If you feel overly exhausted and stressed, contact a psychiatrist for professional help. Our mental health resilient team will ensure you receive the appropriate treatment to help you feel better.

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